See what Mike’s customers had to say

Mike has calibrated multiple tv sets and my projector for me over the years. Not only is Mike a technical expert in both video and audio, he is passionate about his calibration work. Mike is never in a rush and will always take the extra time to make your system look the best it possibly can.

Mike Hughes, Kitchener, JVC Projectors & Samsung Panels

Thank you for making a great set even better. We have been watching His Dark Materials from HBO on disc. It’s only available on Bluray but the difference to the SDR image is huge. My wife noticed right away how much more depth there was. We’ll be in touch hopefully later in the year to work on either a CX or C1. Thanks again!

Alan Lindsay, Whitby, LG 65C8P

The Watershed Group has been involved in high end home cinema solutions over the past two decades and have come to know and recognize Michael as a consummate professional. His certification as an expert calibration professional is well recognized amongst the industry and we certainly have in the past, and will continue in the future, to rely on Michael for fine tuning many of the cinema systems that benefit from his expertise. His conduct and appreciation for a “best of class” approach to every client and associated project is harmonious with our objectives and expectations.

Steve Davidson, Director of Sales @ The Watershed Group

Michael, thank you for coming to my home today to calibrate my 4K UHD OLED TV! My wife and I were very impressed with your professionalism and knowledge!

Not only did you show us what you were doing, you also explained why you were making certain changes to the settings. Suffice to say, we are very happy with our newly calibrated TV and look forward to enjoying it to the fullest. Anyone looking for quality service should call you and I will certainly put your name out there whenever or wherever I can!

Thanks again Michael and I’m sure we will connect again in the future!

Ken Irish, Sony LED XBR-65A8G

We are satisfied with Mike’s work. It was helpful that he was able to adapt to our production schedules without flinching. I like it that he is willing to explain how things work with no sense of guarding his process or information.

Paul Belchamber, Executive Producer @ MARZ VFX

Mike’s great care coupled to his technical prowess means that he achieves a remarkable and stunning image for our clients every time. To say that he is dedicated to his work is an understatement!

Derek Shishakly, President & CEO @ Automated Media Solutions

Mike is a true professional. He provided support and guidance on my decision to purchase a projector/screen, came out to my home after the installation, and provided a truly stunning calibration service. He has continued to be involved throughout the life cycle of my projector by assisting with the bulb change/calibration touch up.

Mike’s knowledge and expertise are astounding, and he did an incredible job of teaching me all about the calibration process while he calibrated my projector. The results are truly stunning, and I could not give Mike a higher recommendation. You are in great hands!

Erik Strong, Pickering, JVC DLA-X590

Michael has calibrated four different TVs for me: the Samsung KS8000, MU8000, Q80R, and finally the Q90R. Michael is very professional, courteous, informative, and friendly. Not only are you getting an incredibly accurate picture, but you will also receive a private tutor on the subject at no extra charge. Michael is clearly passionate about his work and, upon request, he will enthusiastically explain how he will bring your viewing experience to the next level. I would recommend Michael very highly. Thank you Michael for your exceptional service and I will see you again when my next TV arrives!

Marin Mijatovic, Richmond Hill, Samsung QN82Q90R

Mike has been calibrating my videos displays for a number of years. Mike takes his time to ensure that the results are good as possible (subject to the video display’s limitations) and explains in details what he is doing and why he is doing it. As someone who previously owned their own calibration equipment and software, did their own display calibrations for a number of years and understands the math / science behind display calibration, I can assure you that Mike’s equipment is top-notch and that Mike know what he is doing! Very good results and highly recommended!

Joel, Toronto

I had Mike calibrate my tv using his THX equipment and had him do my 5.1 surround speakers too. Not only was he punctual and professional, he was more than happy to take the time to teach me about what he was doing and why. I had some equipment issues and he was willing to make a second trip to me the next day to finish the job. Excellent service and the outcome is fantastic. Very happy and have already recommended him to the professionals at Ontario Audio and Video Service and would to you too.

Brandon Makins, Elite PRO-101FD

Mike was very thorough in his calibration methods and went over everything in detail. I was able to gain quite a bit of knowledge from the experience and my TV looks significantly better! If you bought a top of the line TV like I did in the LG CX it’s definitely worth being calibrated.

John Pick, Toronto, LG55CX

The difference after Mike worked on the television was instantly seen by myself and my entire family. Even after the initial job, he was always quick to call whenever I needed help. I would recommend Mike at The Highest Fidelity Video Calibrations for anyone looking to take their entertainment to the next level.

John Simmons, Etobicoke, Sony XBR-85X950H

Mike calibrated my TV and all its inputs according to THX standards and boy when the process was finished was I amazed. My TV went from looking very nice to Mind Blowingly gorgeous. The one thing which really made my day was that the warm temperature was so professionally dialed in that my skies were now blue and not orange. My HDR and Dolby Vision experience became cinema-like. All my settings were recorded and saved, my TV looked like it went from QLED to OLED and I WAS HAPPY AS A PIG IN MUD!!!

This experience has been a real eye opener to me. As it stands now I stand by the opinion that everyone who purchases a TV needs to get their set professionally calibrated to truly appreciate what they are intended to view. I would that everyone in Ontario or Canada get into contact with Mike ASAP and truly get to experience visuals like they never imagined.

Leonard, Toronto, TCL 65-R635 QLED Mini-LED TV