“Mike’s knowledge and expertise are astounding…The results are truly stunning, and I could not give Mike a higher recommendation.”

-Erik Strong, Pickering ON, JVC DLA-X590

“Mike’s knowledge and expertise are astounding…The results are truly stunning, and I could not give Mike a higher recommendation.”

-Erik Strong, Pickering ON, JVC DLA-X590

Michael Osadciw established The Highest Fidelity Video Calibrations in 2001 in Burlington, Ontario. What many described as visually striking and transformative imagery, Michael began by offering video calibrations on glass-heavy CRT direct view TVs, giant three-gun CRT rear projection, and massive front projection units that were not calibration-friendly by design during this era of display technology.

As those primitive technologies phased out, he was on the cutting edge of calibrating early flat panel plasma and LCD televisions and DLP and LCD front-projection systems. Realizing the potentially stunning images these exciting new consumer video displays had to offer, he calibrated for the best images during the transition from Standard Definition Television (480p) to High Definition Television (1080p). He continues to be at the forefront of Ultra High Definition Television (4K 2160p) calibrating brilliantly colourful and exceptionally bright High Dynamic Range images, only achievable with the most advanced video displays of today.

In addition to being a regular speaker on display technologies at Audio-Video shows, Michael decided to devote his energy not just locally, but to provide calibrations inter-provincially as well with his long-time friend and colleague Michael Chen.



About Micheal Osadciw

Mike Osadciw - THX® Certified Professional and ISF® Certified Level II Calibrator.

Touched by masterful storytelling during his youth, Michael was captivated by the power of motion pictures’ ability to make fictionalized human emotions of deep struggles and sensational victories come alive on screen. As a young adult, he realized that the films we all love had deliberate artistic visual decisions made to immerse the viewer in the storytelling. Hundreds of artists – from cinematographers to visual effects – put thousands of hours into the visual art of the film, yet the only way to see the see the powerful visuals effectively is to calibrate the home video display correctly. Once Michael calibrated his first display, everything changed.

As he studied towards his goals of being a Professional Video Calibrator, he quickly discovered that it was not only the calibration that was necessary; educating his clients about the calibration process gave them the knowledge and power to understand TV design, why changes are being made, and ultimately to fully appreciate the visual art of filmmaking to the greatest extent. This was much more than just a calibration service – this was education. He was told numerous times that he needed to “teach” and that he was “very approachable”.

Michael acquired his master’s degree in education and would have his services include both the process of calibration and education of the client throughout. It turned out to be one of his greatest strengths.

“The human visual system is complex, the look of films is complex, calibration is complex. Without a full picture of what is going on from beginning to end of the calibration process, mentally and emotionally it is very difficult to understand how the image improved from start to finish. We need to investigate the processes that makes the mind and body react as a whole to truly appreciate the art of filmmaking.”

– Mike Osadciw

Michael was exposed to calibration just prior to his undergraduate studies after purchasing a laserdisc player and his first set up laserdisc titled “A Video Standard”. While working in Audio/Video sales to pay for his school, he acquired an early measuring tool, a Philips Colour Analyzer, to calibrate the grayscale of television. What started as pure interest to further his own desire of being immersed in the movies he loved, he took his first ISF Video Calibration course in Toronto for some more strenuous training on television theory.

As time went on, and after learning to calibrate more displays in the HiFi shop he worked at, he began to dive into the philosophy and fall deeper in love with this all encompassing practice. This is evident in his calibration services to his clients, presentations at trade shows, large instructional classes, and intimate workshops.

It is so much more than the physical practice of calibrating the display. Emotions may rise for the passion of film; bonds are formed with Mike and his clients from a place of openness and a passion for movie storytelling; and the new immersion of a calibrated video display panel or a grand home theatre. It is a time where you can come to be fully and unapologetically you.

“Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world.”
– Jean Luc Godard, Director & Writer.